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I have flying insects in my house. What are they?

Based on environmental conditions, flying insects could be one of several insects:


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Something is biting me and/or members of my family. What can I do?

First of all, the insect that is biting you should be located and given to your pest management professional (PMP) for identification.

There are different protocols for treatment depending on a proper insect identification. Possible insects that may be biting you are:

  • Fleas - check your pets to make sure they do not have fleas crawling on them.
  • Mosquitoes - these are primarily found outdoors, but may fly inside while doors or windows are open.
  • Chinch bugs - these insects are located in turf.
  • Ants - ants can be found inside or outside.
  • Another possibility is that your skin may be drying out because of the weather. When this occurs, it often feels like tiny pricks, or that an insect is biting you.