"Semarck Pest Control solved our termite problems! We had no idea those 'little ants' in the bedroom were termites! Thanks Semarck, you saved us thousands of dollars in repairs!"

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Something is biting me and/or members of my family. What can I do?

First of all, the insect that is biting you should be located and given to your pest management professional (PMP) for identification.


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I have ants trailing in my house. What do I do?

We need to identify the variety of ant before Semarck Pest Control can recommend treatment:

Insect Identification:
There are a variety of ants that you may find in your home - pharaoh ants, odorous- house ants, argentine ants or crazy ants to name a few. You might need to collect some of the ants to have Semarck Pest Control technician identify the species, in order to treat the problem correctly. You can collect ants by scooping them into a jar or plastic bag or you can stick them onto tape.

Control methods:
Baiting: Bait should be placed on or near an ant trail without cleaning the area where the trail is located. If you clean up the trail, the ants will not have the chemical cues that lead then to that area and to the bait. Semarck Pest Control prefers baiting over spraying since often split their colonies if you spray their trail with chemical, which will only spread out your ant problem.