"Semarck Pest Control solved our termite problems! We had no idea those 'little ants' in the bedroom were termites! Thanks Semarck, you saved us thousands of dollars in repairs!"

Jill Tumbley - Houston, TX


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I have ants trailing in my house. What do I do?

We need to identify the variety of ant before Semarck Pest Control can recommend treatment:


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Semarck Pest Control Introduces Skeeter Eater

How the Skeeter Eater Works

  • Spray nozzles are interconnected by nylon tubing and mounted to provide a synchronized spray and distribution of insecticide around your property.
  • The system also includes a 55-gallon reservoir, which is combined with a pump, electric motor and an electric timer to provide reliability and ease of use. The timer is programmed to spray a fine mist for approximately 60 seconds twice a day.
  • The system controls insects by killing a larger number each time it sprays which breaks the insect's breeding cycle. It has an excellent control rate on flying and biting insects.

Install a SkeeterEater System Today and Enjoy Your Backyard Once Again

  • Without the constant irritation of biting insects, you can begin enjoying the beauty of your outdoor surroundings, including pools and patios.
  • The SkeeterEater system is custom tailored, professionally installed and serviced for your home or business by Semarck Pest Control's licensed and experienced pest control technicians.
  • It's completely automatic operation eliminates the need for home foggers, bug zappers, candles and home use chemicals.
  • Semarck offers a one-year warranty on parts and installation and a thirty-day money-back guaranty if not completely satisfied with the system.

Semarck Pest Control has over 20 years experience in residential and commercial pest control in Houston. Call us today at 713-529-5998 for a free estimate.