"Semarck Pest Control solved our termite problems! We had no idea those 'little ants' in the bedroom were termites! Thanks Semarck, you saved us thousands of dollars in repairs!"

Jill Tumbley - Houston, TX


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I hear noises in my attic or wall void. What is causing them?

Noises could be caused by roof rats, mice, squirrels, raccoons, cats or insects. We recommend that you flush out the animal and then having your home sealed against reentry.


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Do you treat outdoor pests or indoor only?

Semarck Pest Control offers both indoor and outdoor treatment of all types of pests. Depending on your specific needs, a pest control professional will offer a treatment plan that meets your requirements.

In addition to standard indoor and outdoor pest control, Semarck offers their Skeeter Eater automatic insect control system that is permanently and professionally installed around the exterior of your home or business. It can be mounted on fence perimeters, through trees and shrubbery and attached to building overhangs.

The insecticide provides a fast-acting knockdown of biting insects and leaves a biodegradable residual for continued effect.

The pressure-regulated system disperses the insecticide into prevailing breezes and allows the product to remain in the air as long as possible for maximum contact with flying insects.

For more information, contact Semarck Pest Control at 713-529-5998 for a free estimate.